Pregnancy & Childbirth

Many Dutch women give birth at home, but more are opting to give birth in a hospital. The choice is yours! If you do want to give birth in a hospital, first check that your insurance will cover this.


Midwives work according to a strict protocol, and train for four years. You can choose to have your baby in a hospital, under the care of your own midwife. Only with a medical indication do you get referred to a second-line midwife in a hospital. Then you are under the care of a gynecologist, but will mostly be seen by and cared for by the second-line midwife. 

Prenatal care is usually provided by midwives (you may be referred by your family doctor), who will support you throughout your pregnancy and during delivery. Some screenings (blood tests, ultrasounds or amniocentests) are done in specialist centres, but they are not standard. After delivery in a hospital you are normally sent home relatively quickly. However, you are entitled to kraamzorg (home nursing). Remember to register with the Home Care Association or with kraamverzorgingscentra (private nurses).

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