Pets are popular in the Netherlands! You will see people walking their dogs around town, and also taking them into stores! The most common pets in Dutch homes are dogs, cats, birds, fish, and rabbits.

Rules regarding dogs

Dogs are only allowed to be off of a leash at a desginated honden loosloopterreinen. Dog owners who do not pick up after their dog can be fined.

Dog tax

Dog owners must pay a dog tax. The amount of tax depends on which city you live and how many dogs you have.


There are many dierenartsen (veterinarians) in the Netherlands. Find one in your neighborhood or ask a neighbor for a recommendation!

Animal food

Food for animals can be bought at dierenwinkels (pet stores), which also sell treats, games, toys, beds, and other items for pets. Pet food and treats can also be found at supermarkets.

Finding a pet

If you find a lost or abandoned pet, you can take it to an asiel (animal shelter). The people working there will try to trace the original owner or find a new one.

De Dierenambulance

De Dierenambulances Brabant Zuid-Oost (animal ambulances for Southeast Brabant, including Eindhoven) transports sick, injured and lost animals, to a near by shelter,

veterinarian or animal hospital. If you see an animal that needs emergency care in Eindhoven, call them at 0900 - 112 0000. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Purchasing and adopting a pet

If you want to buy a pet, you can buy small animals (rabbits and guinea pigs) at pet stores. For cats and dogs, contact the local animal shelter or an official breeder. Ik zoek baas! is a website where you can find pets who are up for adoption.

Dog obediance school

Search for hondenscholen (dog obedience schools) and hondenuitlaatservices (dog walking services) or ask dog owners for recommendations.

Boarding kennels

When you go on holiday, you can leave your pet with a neighbors, a friend, or at a dierenpension (boarding kennels).

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