Working in Brabant

There are many international companies with offices located in Brabant. For internationals, these companies are good choices for employment. But first, check to see if your work permit allows for you to work. Depending on your profession, you may need to get your qualifications and certificates verified by the Dutch authorities. Many jobs require good written and spoken Dutch. However, some jobs only require a good command of English. It may also be possible to put your ‘foreignness’ to good use by doing work that requires your specific language and cultural skills! For example, teaching language classes or importing/exporting.

Work Permit

Depending on your country of origin and requested residence status, a work permit might also be required. Getting a visa, work permit and residence permit can take 1-4 months. However, highly-skilled migrants can get their residence permit within two weeks. Both partners are usually permitted to work, but there can be some exceptions

Official Partners