Holland Expat Center South Job portal of Holland Expat Center South which could be a way to find a job for the spouses; https://www.hollandexpatcenter.com/jobs/

Brainport Development Job portal of Brainport for internationals https://brainporteindhoven.com/work/ 

Employment agencies (In Dutch: Uitzendbureaus) There are more than 100 employment agencies in Eindhoven. Check their websites for job offers. 

Open applications

It is perfectly acceptable to send open applications in the Netherlands, even tocompany that has no current vacancies. If the employer is looking for personnel in the future, this will give you an advantage over other jobseekers.

Use your cover letter to clearly indicate:

-        why you want to work for this company;

-        your particular talents, skills and work experience;

-        how your talents, skills and work experience could be useful to the employer;

-        why you are the most suitable candidate for the position;

-        why you can offer more than other candidates.

-        Any language experience or work experience gained in another EU country could be to your advantage.

some job seekers tips:

Make an effort to learn the Dutch language. Even though many positions don’t require you to speak Dutch,  it shows that you are planning to stay in the Netherlands for a longer time and that not speaking Dutch may not be a long-term situation.


Job seekers are advised to build a network in the Netherlands. Reportedly, 80 percent of job placements occur through networking. Another tip is to contact the embassy of your own country, because the network of people with the same nationality who are working in the Netherlands can be a good source to find a job as well.

Social networking

Don’t discount the benefits of job seeking through popular social media. Many companies use  FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram and other media interfaces to publicize job vacancies.

Find your competitive advantage

Although expats have a language disadvantage, they have the advantage of in-depth knowledge of their home country. “Try to find companies who do business with the country you come from. The advantage is that you know both cultures.”

Focus your job search

Employers hire not only because of experience in the field, but also, because there is a good fit. They see that you are enthusiastic and appreciates that you are not applying to everyone. Eventually that helps you find a job.