Heritage Language Education Network

A heritage language school is a program which offers children the opportunity to develop one of the languages they speak at home or that is part of their cultural heritage e.g. Bulgarian, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish et cetera. The classes take place after school or in the weekend throughout the school year. For a list of heritage language schools in the region, visit the website of the Heritage Language Education Network.

As a part of the National Reading Days for multilingual children event series, Eindhoven's Japanese Book Club read the 2023 national picture book of the year in Japanese. Local journalists from Eindhoven's Studio040 covered the event, to spotlight one of the many active language groups at Eindhoven Library.

Many thanks to the Japanese group for welcoming the press to their book reading. What a great way to show the Eindhoven community how important it is to read in the heritage language!

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