Hiring Internationals

Information about hiring a highly skilled migrant from outside of the Netherlands.

Do you want to hire a highly skilled migrant from outside of the Netherlands?

Holland Expat Center South can help you with all matters involved with hiring an international employee! The Expat Center Procedure involves handling formalities, but also broad information provision. For example, registering in the Netherlands, arranging housing, financial issues and building a social life. You can also contact us when you have any questions about the process of attracting highly skilled migrants.

Holland Expat Center South works for the province of Noord-Brabant, in collaboration with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), Brainport, the Province of Noord-Brabant and (almost) all municipalities in Brabant. We offer support to companies and international talent (highly skilled migrants from the EU or outside the EU).


In essence, we focus on the "settling in" and "living in" phases for internationals. We welcome highly skilled migrants from the European Union, as well as outside of the EU who can, among other things, collect a residence and work permit from us and arrange registration with the municipality. They will immediately receive a Citizen Service Number (BSN). In this way, we offer a One-Stop-Shop service by means of a combined appointment.

There is an 'Expat's Guide to Brabant' given to every international who has an appointment at the Expat Center. Interationals will also get invitations to events, including Welcome Evenings and Webinars that offer useful information about various topics that can help them settle into the region. Webinars and events are also organized for companies. These events are organizes together with our Official Partners, including banks, lawyers, accountants, notaries, relocators, etc.

Recognized sponsor

It is a requirement for an employer who wants to submit applications for visas (MVV) and residence permits for highly skilled migrants to become a recognized sponsor. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) decides on the application for recognition as a sponsor. This recognition means that the company is regarded by the IND as a reliable partner. Werkgever: Erkenning als referent (ind.nl) You as an employer will then continue to keep this recognition for any new highly skilled migrants.

You can check our website about matters that an international has to arrange. If your answer is not listed, or if you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Account Managers!

Expat Centers in the Netherlands

There are 12 Expat Centers in the Netherlands. They all work closely with the Invest in Holland network to support international employees coming to work in the Netherlands.

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