If you move to another address in Eindhoven contact the city hall of Eindhoven so they can change the address in the system. For more information about changing your address within Eindhoven check  the website of the municipality of Eindhoven. (There is a translate button at the top of the page.)

As a holder of a residence permit in the Netherlands, you have an information obligation. This entails that you are obliged to inform the IND of facts and circumstances which could have an effect on your residence status. Moving could be such a circumstance. However, due to the fact that the IND has access to the Dutch BRP, you are not obliged to inform the IND about you moving house, as long as you are correctly registered in the BRP. 

If you move to another town/city, you only have to report the new address to the city hall of the new city where you are going to stay. Deregistration from the city which you will leave is therefore not necessary. 

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