The most used utility connections are:

  • Water: In Brabant this is supplied only through Brabant water.

  • Gas (or city heating in a gas free property): You are free to choose a gas supplier but city heating selection is often only one supplier that supplies to the apartment complex.

  • Electricity: You are free to choose whom ever you like, based on quality and/or cost.


Each address usually has a single supplier for water, but not always. Apartment complexes often have one water meter where you pay a monthly fee toward the usage. After they receive the annual usage bill the vve will divide the total cost through all the users. You may receive an annual settlement, but this is not always the case.

When you move into your new home, the water meter must also be read, and you must notify the supplier that you are the new resident. Your real estate agent can usually help you complete the required forms. It is not always necessary to have a land-line telephone. Nowadays, quite a few expats are choosing to live without one, and use their mobiles to stay in touch.

Mobile Phones

All GSM mobile phones will work in the Netherlands, but it is still advised to switch to a Dutch SIM card when you arrive to avoid paying more for your calls. Go to a mobile phone supplier in town to get a new card and phone if required. Prepaid simcards can also be purchased at grocery stores.


The Internet is available through the telephone line or through cable television. In each case there is a number of different suppliers. Ask the outgoing resident or your real estate agent about the supplier.

Most cable suppliers sell not only basic TV, but also digital TV, Internet and telephone services. In order to take any of these services, you must first purchase basic cable TV.

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