Most primary schools are openbaar (state-owned) or faith-based (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, or Jewish). There are also schools that teach according to a specific method, for example, Montessori, Jenaplan, Vrije Scholen, or Dalton. Parents may send their children to a public school or to a special school, which are run by the local authorities and are for everyone regardless of religion or philosophy.

Here is some more information about primary education in the Netherlands:

  • The curriculum is broad, and progress is monitored by standard testing (CITO).  

  • In the final year of primary school, parents, children and teachers decide together, with the help of standardized national tests (CITO), which type of secondary school is most appropriate for the student.  

  • Children aged 4 can start to attend school, and are required to attend after they turn 5, until 18. 

  •  The school year begins in August and is broken up by holidays.