There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in the Netherlands. Many organizations require volunteers, including the food bank, museums, schools, cultural organizations, sports clubs, and Holland Expat Center South! Volunteering is a platform to learn the language, interact, and can be very rewarding. It is possible to do volunteer work for one or more days per week, or for a fixed number of hours each month. Whether you wish to do volunteer work on a regular basis or just once, the choice is yours!

 ●           Eindhoven Doet offers voluntary job offers, also for non-Dutch speaking persons. Eindhoven Doet is a movement for everyone who is volunteering for the city and for each other. Eindhoven Doet inspires people to participate and put people in touch with organizations and initiatives. Together we’re working on a city where you can live well and everyone can participate.

●            Samen voor Eindhoven (Together for Eindhoven) is the bridge between companies, social organisations and the local government. Its purpose is to ensure a more cohesive society where everyone can participate. They help charities by using time, hands and talent of corporate volunteers, and encourage companies to adopt their ‘do good by doing good’ initiative.