The following are the different types of residence permits that are available:

Requirements for a Highly skilled migrant permit are: 
  • Have an employment agreement with a recognized sponsor for the residence purpose regular labour and highly skilled migrants. The public register for all these recognized sponsors in the Netherlands can be found here via this link. A gross monthly salary criteria excluding holiday allowance depending on the age (younger than 30 years or 30 years and older); or 

  • Reduced salary criterion possible in some cases 

  • European Blue Card: salary criteria 

  • The agreed upon salary needs to be in conformity with the prevailing market (thus needs to be normal for the job title and the corresponding tasks and responsibilities)  

Researcher under Directive 2016/801/EU. Based on this Directive you can either be a paid researcher, a PhD student or an unpaid researcher with a grant. Requirements are: 
  • You will conduct research at a research institution in the Netherlands, which research institution is for that recognized as a sponsor. For the public register of these recognized research institutions you can click here

  • An appropriate higher education degree which provides access to the research program at the research institution; 

  • The research project has been assessed and approved by the institution; 

  • An employment contract or hosting agreement with a research institution; 

  • You will have sufficient means of subsistence via income or are unpaid and have another source of income such as a grant or sponsor payments or savings. 

Requirements for an Intra-company transferee are: 
  • Specific job position in the Netherlands: manager, specialist or trainee. What falls within the scope of these job positions is stated in the Intra Corporate Transfer Directive (2014/66/EU) which are as follows: 



    trainee employee  

Only when the job falls within one of the above definitions, is there a possibility to get a residence permit as an intra corporate transferee. 

Requirements for a starter with a start-up are: 
  • Collaboration with a reliable and experienced facilitator

  • The product or the service is innovative

  • The start-up entrepreneur has a (step-by-step) plan in order to move from idea to business. 

  • The start-up entrepreneur and the facilitator are both registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. 

  • There are sufficient financial means (resources) to be able to reside and live in The Netherlands. 

The requirements for an Orientation Year Highly Educated Persons are: 

For more information about the different residence permits, check the website of the Immigration and Naturalization services (IND) or contact one of our Official Partners

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