Humanitas is one of the main social services and community building organisations of the Netherlands. It is a nonprofit association which aims to support people who, for a range of different reasons, temporarily cannot manage on their own. Annually, it supports about 74.000 people who are in need of a helping hand.

Humanitas offers a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from buddy projects for immigrants to chat services addressing loneliness, and from parenting support to support groups for people dealing with grief and loss. The Humanitas services are free of charge and available to anyone, irrespective of age, ethnicity, lifestyle and sexual orientation.

Approximately 450 well-trained volunteers prodvide suport every year. Humanitas Eindhoven works within three different themes: loneliness, education and growing up.

  • Loneliness  They help you build and maintain a social network, so that you are not alone (anymore). 

    Do you need someone you can talk to and visit you at home? Would you like to have support in processing an event or in looking for a fun activity or new
    contacts? Then consider Conversations van Mens to Mens van Humanitas (Conversations from Human to Human); a conversation partner who empathises with you. He/she offers a listening ear and a helping hand.

    More information: +31 (0)40 206 53 50 

  • Guidance for Parental Access Arrangements (BOR)

    You want the best for your child, even in the event of a divorce. Guided Copulation Scheme (BOR) helps you. Even when tensions stand in the way of proper agreements about an access arrangement. Duration of support: 3 to 6 months.
    More information:, +31 (0)6 10 95 28 44 

  • Home Start Every family has difficult times, but can you really not handle it? Then Humanitas can help you. Because a helping hand works wonders. A volunteer offers a listening ear and thinks along with you in solutions. For families with children up to 18 years old.
    More information:, +31 (0)40 206 53 50

  • Youth Support is a buddy project for young people and young adults who have or have had to deal with social services (young refugees, at-risk girls, young people who have financial problems) and do not receive sufficient support from the people around them. A buddy offers attention and support for one year. There is a careful match made between a volunteer and the young person.
    More information:, +31 (0)40 206 53 50

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