Working regions

Brainport Eindhoven

The southeast of Brabant, with Eindhoven at its centre, has developed itself from a rural area to a hotspot for IT and high tech. This area, called Brainport Eindhoven, now plays a key role in the Dutch industry and serves as an engine for economic growth. Technologies are developed that change lives. Innovations come to market, that make our futures better, safer and cleaner. Brainport Eindhoven excels at inventing, developing and integrating world’s most complex high tech machines, systems, parts and products at the utmost precision and with unprecedented accuracy. Think, for example, of lithography machines that produce ever smaller chips for 80% of all smartphones on this globe. The next generation chips, faster and even more durable, are based on photonics (light energy) and are currently being developed in Brainport Eindhoven. Other essential fields in which typical Brainport inventions have a meaningful position are healthcare, automotive, food and energy.

Hart van Brabant

Hart van Brabant From the elevated sandy soils near Belgium, to the river beds of the Meuse and Walloon rivers, the Hart van Brabant (Heart of Brabant) region straddles a breathtaking stretch of park-like landscapes. It is a region marked by the Burgundian lifestyle of the nine municipalities surrounding Tilburg, along the Leisure Boulevard from Hilvarenbeek to Heusden. It is a great place to work, live and enjoy life in a setting reputed for its logistics, health care, leisure economy and aeronautical and industrial maintenance. It is no coincidence that those sectors are the focal points of Midpoint Brabant, an alliance in which administrators of the Heart of Brabant have joined forces with businesses and knowledge institutes. Entrepreneurs, educators and government are working together on Social Innovation – an approach to regional development unrivalled in Europe and attracting international attention.

Regio West Brabant

Regio West-Brabant West Brabant; 19 municipalities, over 720.000 inhabitants and around 60.000 companies on 1,740 km². An excellent region to work and live in. For all types of enterprise, the region of West Brabant is ideally situated: halfway between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, with an excellent infrastructure, a well-educated workforce and an innovative business climate.

Agrifood Capital

AgriFood Capital Developing Northeast Brabant into a leading region in agrifood That’s our mission. In AgriFood Capital industry, public authorities and knowledge institutes collaborate to achieve growth and innovation in agrifood. Together we are creating a smarter, healthier and more sustainable world for tomorrow. By doing so, AgriFood Capital will become a top class cluster recognized for its future-proof employment market, strong entrepreneurship, high-impact innovations, resilient environment and high quality of life. From farm to fork In Northeast-Brabant we face major economic and social challenges. We take on these challenges by making use of the existing strength of the region: the agrifood sector

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