International Creative Women

Starting your own creative business: International Creative Women International Creative Women was founded in September 2018 by two internationals, as a social entrepreneurship organization. 

These women, along with migrants -- and many other women who fall in love with a Dutch citizen -- have left their careers, family and friends behind. Very often they find themselves alienated after a few months. An option is to start your own business. However, this isn’t an easy path. That’s why International Creative Women started! 

Our goal is to create a supportive and diverse community of women in Eindhoven, to help kickstart their own independent entrepreneurial pursuits while increasing social cohesion and integration. We are focused on the women, but the impact will surely benefit their families, the companies and the Brainport region. 

It does not matter where you are from, what is your background or what you want to do, Eindhoven has something for you. If you want to volunteer, find a job, grow your family, or start a business, you can find organizations that will support and guide you. If you want to become a creative entrepreneur, contact us!


The Creative Store: Creative Town ‘t College 22 Eindhoven (city-centre)