International Talent Scan

More companies and organizations in Brainport Eindhoven are working with international tech and IT talent. This no longer only applies to multinationals, but also to small and medium-sized enterprises. Regional development company Brainport Development and Holland Expat Center South are engaged in attracting and retaining international talent for the region from an independent position. We also support companies with regard to this subject. In collaboration with Fontys Hogescholen and eight regional tech companies, Holland Expat Center South developed an International Talent Scan especially for SMEs/businesses. The scan is intended both for companies that already employ international employees and for companies that are considering attracting international talent.

The scan gives you insight into how effective your company is in attracting international talent and comes with independent concrete tips and advice. It focuses on recruitment and selection, and on-boarding. The scan will be expanded with the theme of retaining international talent.

Are you interested in learning how the International Talent Scan can help your company? Click Here for more information about the International Talent Scan.

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