In case your residence document has been stolen or lost, or in case your personal details have changed, you will need to apply for a new residence permit with the Immigration and Naturalization Services (IND).

In case it is lost, you first need to go to the police to report the theft/loss. This is regardless if you are in the Netherlands or abroad. The police will give you a certified copy of the official report. In case that certified copy of the police report is not in Dutch, English, German or French this report will have to sworn translated by a by a Dutch court sworn translator. You can find such a sworn translator via this link.  

When you send the application to replace the residence document to the IND, you will need to enclose a copy of the official report and copy of your valid passport. Please take into account that once you have reported the loss or theft to the police your residence permit (document) is immediately invalid. Should you therefore find your residence document again, you will still need to apply for a new one. To apply for a new residence permit, you go to website of the Immigration and Naturalization services (IND).

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