TALENT100 is transforming Talent representation and how we respond to the labour market and workplaces. We understand that the accompanying partner’s career is often a critical factor in staying and accepting the new host country. This program is a steppingstone for those currently unemployed and ready to re-enter, empowering them to return to work and reintegrate into their previous career path or even a different one. Through TALENT100, we aim to capture the unique experiences and skills of the talent and then help them rebuild their career in the southeast Brabant region.

The TALENT100 program was launched in collaboration with three top changemakers in the Brabant region:
  1. Huis naar Werk who is taking responsibility to upskill and connect talent across the labour market

  2. Expat Spouses Initiative who is connecting international talent in the region with local opportunities, in a bottom-up community driven way

  3. Holland Expat Center South's Living In Program, which is creating a more international living climate for the Brabant region by emphasising on the human journey of talent migration.

A program like TALENT100 recognizes that there is a big pool of International Talent locally available who have stepped away from the workforce because of relocation and are greatly valuable for future proofing the region and the companies.

For more information about the TALENT100 Program, contact Sandy Barkowsky (Holland Expat Center South's Living In Coordinator).