Living In Program

About the Living In Program

The purpose of Holland Expat Center South's Living In Program is to retain international talent by creating an international-friendly environment where every international can feel at home in the region. (Knowledge) migration is a family strategy, which is why the Living In Program focuses not only on the first hire -- who comes to work for the companies and knowledge institutions in the region -- but also on the accompanying parter and/or additional family members who travel with them.

The Living In Program works on the following:

  1. A Warm Welcome
    Support for a new international employee and their accompanying family members is essential. A point of contact such as an HR officer, relocator or colleague is important.

  2. Providing Visible and Accessible Facilities
    Internationals should also know that the local facilities are also available for them! The Living In Program focuses on making sports and cultural facilities more accesible by, for instance, ensuring that their information is available in English.

  3. Learning Dutch
    Although English is often the professional working language of larger companies, learning Dutch is crucial to integrating into the Netherlands. Learning Dutch can be especially helpful for the partner who is looking for work, because in many cases, Dutch and not English, is the working language of SME's.

  4. Involving Employers
    The Living In Progam motivates employers to be more attentive to the needs of their international employees and their accompanying family members by for instance, offering a dual career or a language course for the spouse.

  5. Creating Opportunities for the Spouse
    Our research has shown that the accompanying partner is often as talented as the first hire, which is why the Living In Program focuses attention on their professional integration, by helping them to enter the local labor market. We also help stimulate employers to hire internationals by informing them about this local talent pool.

  6. A Long-Term Strategy
    The Living In Program consists of the following 4 principles:
    - Family is key
    - Talking with and not about the community.
    - Focus on the talent
    - We are in this together!

If you have questions about the Living In Program, send us a message.