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Expat Kids in Eindhoven

"Ten thousand points for the support we expats received when we arrived in the city from the Holland Expat Center. Also to acknowledge the support in responding to every concern from Josine and Olivia, super cordial, good treatment, and good manners! I am really grateful for all the support I have received in the Expat Kids process in Eindhoven.
"From the first time I met Josine and Olivia at the time of Covid I received a very friendly and open approach to connecting with different organizations and groups to support the work of our Expat Kids in the Eindhoven community.
"Since that time they managed to connect me and I have been making different partnerships together with them for the benefit of the Expat Kids families in Eindhoven.
"They are always attentive when I have a concern and they are always attentive to answer the concern.
"So I am very grateful, it is not only my opinion, but it is the general opinion of the people who came to Eindhoven.
"I would like to congratulate you on your professionalism and thank you for the commitment and dedication with which you took on this challenge to support us.
"Please extend our congratulations to all the team involved."

-- Silvia Ardila, Founder, Expats Kids in Eindhoven