To compensate income loss for specific groups of people, the Dutch tax authorities introduced several toeslagen (benefits). These benefits can be applied for on the website of the Dutch tax auhtorities.

Huurtoeslag (Rent benefit)

Whether you are eligible for the rent benefit depends on your income, rent and living situation. If so, part of the rental costs are reimbursed via this so-called huurtoeslag.

Kinderopvangtoeslag (Childcare benefit)

The childcare benefit is a subsidy to help to cover the fairly high costs of children daycare. In order to receive a childcare benefit, both you and your “benefit” partner must be employed or studying.

Zorgtoeslag (Health care allowance)

You may be eligible for health care benefit if:

  • you are over the age of 18 years,

  • you have the Dutch nationality or a residence permit in the Netherlands,

  • you have a Dutch healthcare insurance,

  • your income and savings/capital are not too high.

Kindgebonden budget (Supplementary child benefit)

If you are residing in the Netherlands and your income is below a certain threshold, you may be eligible for a supplementary child benefit for every child under the age of 18. The Dutch tax authorities will usually automatically inform you, if you qualify for a supplementary child benefit. However, the Dutch tax authorities does not have all sufficient data regarding some groups of society, so if you are in fact not eligible, you should terminate the benefit yourself by contacting the Dutch tax authorities.

Algemene Heffingskorting (General tax credit)

This is not a ‘benefit’ as described above but is a benefit that is usually applied in Dutch payroll and if not, can be claimed via the Dutch income tax return (if eligible). All employees are entitled to the algemene heffingskorting (general tax credit). The amount of credit dependents on your income, your age and whether you have been living in the Netherlands the entire year. For non-working partners it is also possible to receive this tax credit if certain conditions are met. The main condition is that you are living for a minimum of six months with a partner who is subject to Dutch taxes and paid a higher amount of taxes than the amount of tax credit you receive.

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