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Living In Guide

'The Living In Guide'

'The Living In Guide' offers more in depth information on a variety of topics, including Culture & Leisure, Education & Careers, and more. It is available for free at Holland Expat Center South, and at our events! This guide is a supplement to 'The Expat's Guide to Brabant'.

What's Inside
  1. Welcome to Our Region!

  2. Eindhoven and Its Surrounding: The City of Eindhoven and its Surroundings Areas

  3. Culture & Leisure: Arts, Music. Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Museums, Events & Festivals, Zoos, Theme Parks, Playgrounds, Food & Drinks, Markets, Shops, Books and Record Shops, International Supermarkets, Recreation, and Architectural Highlights

  4. Sports: Dutch Sports Culture, Sport Accomodations, Non-Commercial Sports Clubs

  5. Language & Education: Language, Heritage Language Schools, Childcare, Primary Education, Secondary Education, School Holidays, InterCulturas

  6. Jobs: TALENT100 Program, Women for Women Program, Jobs, Volunteering, Labor Exploitation, International Creative Women

  7. Social Groups & Religion: Social Groups, Religion

  8. Health: Health Care, Mental Health

  9. Practical Information: Important Telephone Numbers, Useful Websites, Holidays in the Netherlands, Trip Ideas Outside of Brabant, Pets, Moving to Brabant, Living in Brabant, Working in Brabant, Studying and Working in Brabant, Personal & Social Needs, Culture & Leisure

  10. Partnership Program: A distinctive collaboration that has been set up between Holland Expat Center South and private service providers.