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KPMG's People Services (PS) practice delivers tax and social security advisory and compliance services with regard to both global mobility (Global Mobility Services; GMS) and domestic mobility (Domestic Mobility Services; DMS) issues. We have a team of specialists who advise on immigration/visa issues as well as the structuring of international assignment policies and contracts. The three areas of expertise offered by our PS specialists are outlined below. We create a unique, one-stop-shop approach.

Global Mobility Services

KPMG's Global Mobility Services network in more than 150 countries comprises advice on planning opportunities and remuneration structures; advice on international social security; the prevention of double taxation; preparing personal income tax returns, calculating and processing the international payroll and obtaining tax return arrangements.

Domestic Mobility Services

Tax and social security advisory and compliance services for the domestic market include the tax evaluation of remuneration and fringe benefits; providing support in payroll tax audits; advice on sector classification, differentiated disability contributions, self-insurance, monitoring fixed expense allowances, the work-related costs rules and the assessment of employment relation-ships deregulation act.

Expatriate Services

Our team of advisors specialized in immigration and international assignment policies and contracts provide assistance with and coordinate all the non-tax aspects of cross-border employment.


KPMG's People Services has been helping clients manage their national and global workforce for many years. KPMG's unique one-stop-shop approach offers organizations fully integrated solutions to manage their risks and optimize tax and social security positions and procedures.

KPMG's People Services has extensive experience in all business sectors and can therefore deliver proactive solutions with a personal touch.

A full service concept is available from various offices, allowing to provide local service with a global mindset.

With KPMG's knowledge, technology and experience, potential opportunities and obstacles can be identified for organizations, and proactive, timely advice can be offered.

For more information, please visit our website or reach out to Fanny Pols-Beurskens / Ruben Froger.



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