Energy, Empowerment and Empathy – this is what PIRGROUP stands for.

PIRGROUP has over 20 years of experience in the global mobility industry with an innovative and forward-thinking culture as the core of its business. We take it personal by accepting full ownership of any problem that may arise and we make it personal by solving it via tailormade solutions.

One of PIRGROUP's valuable clients describes our way of working as: "We are a client with a face, not just a number."

Why should you choose us as your partner? Our clients value that we have a quick response time, an ability to adjust our services and actions in real time and a cost-efficient approach in suggesting relocation packages and immigration options.

We offer a full range of face-to-face and online services to corporate clients, international professionals and their families:

  • HR Consultancy and Compliancy Support

  • Immigration Advice & Assistance: Visas, Work-/Residence Permits, Family Permits, and follow-up applications including Permanent Residence and Dutch Citizenship

  • 30% Tax Ruling & Tax Return

  • Relocation Care: Orientation, Home-Finding, School & Day-care Search, Spouse Assistance, Tenancy management and Departure

  • Registration (BSN), Dutch Bank Account, Health Insurance Information, Driving Licence Exchange, Car Import and Registration and other government formalities

  • Payroll & Employment for non-EU professionals

  • Workshops & Trainings on site and virtually

PIRGROUP's team of international, enthusiastic, well-trained professionals keeps your organization compliant and your employees happy!



Achterom 16D
3995 EB, Houten
Tel: +31 (0)85 620 4900
Email: info@pirgroup.com
Website: www.pirgroup.com