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"At Big5 there's always a friendly face and you're welcome to call us." 

  1. Local knowledge resource, for all expat questions

    Eindhoven is the home base of Big5 so we know, like no other, what Eindhoven and the surrounding areas have to offer you. Our relocation services are always customised to suit your personal situation, no 'standard' answers. Our experienced team has built up a great breadth and depth of competence. So Big5 will always ensure you a smooth transition.

  2. Individual care & personal touch

    Big5 works face to face. It is important for us to deal with every individual or Family in person. We want to know what is important to you, what matters to you in life. Relocation is very personal. We will go the extra mile to make things work for you. We offer expats a complete 'settling in' service. For example we can arrange a 1 day 'Pre' orientation tour of the Eindhoven area, where we can give the 'correct' information about, schooling, housing, Village life, sport, cultural and medical facilities. It is of great importance to us that we help you make good choices, to ensure you don't have any regrets later!

  3. Smart online services

    Big5 offers its clients, and their companies, an online service, 24/7 wherever you are, you can login to your personal dashboard for your company. You will always have a clear overview of the progress of your relocation process. Fast and efficient with everything reachable and transparent.

  4. Efficient cost control

    Big5 always makes clear financial agreements beforehand and ensures a transparent process via the Big5 Relocation Track & Trace system. You'll know exactly what services take place and when they are being done. You decide if and when you buy any extra services you may need. We will quickly solve any obstacles that may arise in the inpatriation process. We give you a 'good start', to let you quickly focus and concentrate on your work.

    "Big5 gives you great breadth and depth of advice, so you can make 'The Right Choice' - for you!"

  5. Independent consults

    Big5 is an independent organisation, with good communications and wide network. We customise our services to each situation and then contact partners or suppliers that best fit your needs. This means we can move quickly and arrange exactly what is needed – fast!

    Schools, childcare & medical facilities
    There is a wide variety of schooling available in Eindhoven, from English to Dutch language, dual language and of course, full international education. Eindhoven has also a very wide range of medical facilities, with a high level of medical care. These may operate in a different way than you are used to but at Big5 we always work to ensure you and your families needs are looked after. We can advise, guide, make appointments and provide contact information as needed.


    Big5's network and quality contacts in the REGION HELPS EXPATS WITH THE search for good housing and negotiation to secure the best deal. For example negotiating price, arranging upgrade work or decoration, energy, tv, internet and telephone suppliers, even a neighbourhood orientation program. We want to show you a wide range of accommodation options and let you visit a variety of houses and areas. We can also help with more focused choices if time is tight.

    Shopping, Leisure & Culture

    Eindhoven is the number 4 shopping city in the Netherlands and has, as the design centre of the Netherlands, many new design driven shops.

Eindhoven is a real event city with many top international happenings such as 'Dutch Design Week', 'Glow' and the famous 'Lichtjes route' (route of Light) celebration of freedom. It is also a sports City, with something for everyone; Many of the national and Olympic teams are based in Eindhoven because of its facilities.

Big5 gives you tailor made personalised advice on how and where you can indulge in sport, Music or other cultural activities.



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