Language Institute Regina Coeli

Language Institute Regina Coeli is the leading institute when it comes to learning a language in a short space of time. We are commonly known as 'the Nuns of Vught'. The results of our language training are so good that people come to Regina Coeli from all over the world if they want to speak a foreign language well and with confidence. Regina Coeli offers language training in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Culture and communication style

Regina Coeli's language courses are acclaimed for their individual approach and the personal attention every trainee receives. At Regina Coeli, you not only learn a language—you also get to know the culture behind it and discover and develop your own communication style. All our trainers are well-educated native speakers.

Types of language training

We are well-known for being a provider of intensive individual language courses. The rigorous programme helps you learn a language quickly because we set up the programme based on your goal(s), your skill levels and the way you learn best, and we closely and personally guide you throughout the process.

If an intensive programme is not quite the right fit for you or your schedule, there are other ways you can learn a language with us, such as through language coaching at our institute in Vught or even at work. You can also learn a language during the weekend with our Language Weekend!

We also organise tailor-made in-company courses and have extensive experience in supporting families who wish or need to learn a language.

Dutch language training at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven

If you work on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, you don't have to travel far to learn Dutch. Language Institute Regina Coeli provides Dutch language courses on campus. It's easy to combine with your daily work, and there's a course for every level.

Our location

Most of our language courses take place at our institute on the edge of the municipality of Vught, located in Noord-Brabant. The tranquil surroundings found here allow you to shut yourself off from the world and fully concentrate on learning the language.

The Nuns of Vught

Language Institute Regina Coeli was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Order of St. Augustine in Vught. They were part of an international education congregation. It goes without saying that they were open to other cultures and languages. With great conviction they set to helping people learn new languages, thereby laying the foundation for the Regina Coeli Method.



Martinilaan 12
5262 BR, Vught
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