We care about the well-being of internationally mobile children, and child development is our expertise. At Edufax, we support relocating families to make well-informed decisions regarding the future of their children. Our services range from hands-on support, such as language training and educational support implementation, to advisory consultation.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • What are the costs involved with moving a family with children to a new location?

  • What is important for a family to know about the educational options in their new location?

  • Do all children who move to a new location need to attend international school?

  • We are moving on a short timeline. What can we do to support the children?

Benefits of Edufax' support to internationally mobile families. Edufax can:

  • Connect one of Edufax' highly qualified international consultants to your family

  • Ensure you feel confident in making decisions for your child(ren)'s educational future

  • Support you in identifying the best fit school in your new location and help your child maintain their home language

  • Answer your questions and create a safe environment to address your concerns

  • Serve as a safety net to support your family throughout the assignment

Benefits of Edufax' support to global mobility and HR teams. Edufax:

  • Enables long-term budget and functional planning for children involved in an assignment or permanent relocation.

  • Easily collaborates with your current vendor network to support children.

  • Strives for partnership, by sharing our knowledge of global mobility trends in your industry.

  • Prevents and manages challenges to an assignment's successful completion.

  • Empowers your team to advocate for the needs of all children within your organization.

Fact check

  • Expert in the field of educational support for children since 1992, and ISO certified.

  • Based in the Netherlands: 30% of our families are Dutch, 70% are non-Dutch.

  • Over the last 29 years, we have served families relocating to more than 75 countries.

  • Our in-house team is fully international, as reflected by our client base and global partnerships.

  • Every child has the right to fair and appropriate education.

  • Edufax is here to help companies and families put children first.

One last thing

From ongoing support, to one-off services, including consultation, language courses, and research projects, Edufax is ready to help! We would be delighted to contribute to creative solutions for your mobility program or family's recent move. Send us an e-mail at to start your journey with us.



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