For anyone who hasn't yet experienced Carnival in the Southeast Netherlands, brace yourself, because it is a site to see! Whether it is the guy dressed as a chicken who is walking through town, or the children dressed as their favorite character! What is universal is that they are all out having fun. Cities and towns even change their names temporarily!

If you're looking for a quiet, romantic dinner, stay home. If you're looking to mingle with the locals, in a big party that flows to the streets, head to the city centre! Yes, Carnival is a special time in the Southeast Netherlands! It is a time to dress up in wacky clothing, and to party 'til your heart's content. Or you can watch from afar.

Carnaval Buses

There are special buses to transport party goers home from the festivities! These buses run until 03:00-04:00, and special tickets are necearry.  

Dress to Impress

Be prepared to see people in costumes; people of every age from children to adults, senior citizens, and even their pets. It is a crazy time in this part of the Netherlands, and at times you might think you are in the party capital of the world. Look around at the bus stops and you'll see people dressed from head-to-toe in this year's costume, ready to party in the city center. All day and all night, bicyclists will make their way into the city center, completely dressed in Carnival attire of course! 

The History of Carnaval

Head to the city center and you will see crowded streets, and cafés filled with party goers. What are they celebrating? Traditionally, Carnival celebrates the days leading up to Ashe Wednesday. Since this part of the country is heavily Roman Catholic, the celebrations get bigger the further south you go! Head north and you might not see any celebrations. That's because it is largely Protestant. Yes, the parties are in the Southeast Netherlands! 

Carnaval in Eindhoven

During Carnival, Eindhoven turns into Lampjesgat is all about the city decorated with orange and blue, people dressed up in funny costumes, partying with bands playing on the street and having (lots of) drinks. It is just about being part of the celebration and enjoying yourself!

The highlight of Carnival is the parade, which will go through city centre: Dommelstraat, Stationsplein, Vestdijk, Ten Hagestraat, Catharinaplein, Kerkstraat, Wal, Bilderdijklaan, Geldropseweg. Each day you'll have the opportunity to witness many festivities taking place all around the city!

How is it for new residents in the region, such as internationals, to celebrate Carnival in Eindhoven? Kavya and Srilakshmi are from India and are celebrating carnival for the first time. "I want to feel the Dutch culture."