Little Jungle Kinderopvang

Of course you want the best care for your child. But what does that mean? The right pedagogical climate? A professional organisation with a flexible attitude, that inspires trust? An organisation close to home, and with long opening hours? An organisation where your child can learn the Dutch language while playing? Little Jungle Child Care has it all.

We provide care for children between 0 and 13 years old, at 4 locations in Eindhoven. Our child care centres are also easy to reach from Veldhoven, Waalre, Son&Breugel and Best.

  • Day care for children between 0 and 4.

  • Pre-school for children between 27 months and 4 years old. Children of working and non-working parents can join the group. The focus is on learning the Dutch language, and preparing for primary education.

  • Free open play time for parents and children up to 27 months old. Children will learn to play with their peers, and for parents the open play time is a chance to meet others. We always come up with all kinds of fun activities. Will you join us?

  • After school care for children between 4 and 13.

Flexible child care is an option.

Learning the Dutch language
At Little Jungle children learn the Dutch language while playing. They hear other children in the group speak the language, but what also helps is the fact that our employees keep speaking about what they're doing or what is happening.

Furthermore, we work with a special programme which stimulates the language development. Our certified employees think of all kinds of fun and playful language activities. You will be able to see how quickly your child masters the Dutch language!

All children and parents are welcome at Little Jungle, we will do anything we can to give you a warm welcome! If we have trouble working it out in Dutch, then it's no problem for us to speak English.

Will you come to check us out? We will be proud to show you our child care centres!


Postbus 318
5600 AH, Eindhoven 
Tel: +31 (0)40 237 5761