For children.
Children develop best when they are happy in their own skin. Helping children be happy is our most important task. We do this by creating a warm atmosphere, with plenty of personal attention. And just as importantly: by always using the child's abilities as a starting point, no matter how young they are. We offer your child the space to find their way and learn independently on their own journey of discovery. By climbing and leaping and skipping. By taking the lead. By falling and getting back up. By laughing together. And most of all, by not always colouring inside the lines. We believe these are the things that help your child grow.

With more than 110 locations for childcare and a range of activities in Brainport, Eindhoven and Noord-Limburg region, we are never too far away.

Day care - 0 to 4 years, playing and learning.
We encourage your child's language development, motor skills and social skills using VVE methods based on your child's development phase. Most locations offer separate baby groups and toddler groups for even more focused support.

Day care is available all year (52 weeks), from Monday to Friday. We are closed on public holidays. You can book a whole day or just a morning or afternoon. We use set drop-off and pick-up times because we feel it is important to maintain a good routine and regular habits.

If you are not looking for day care, but would still like your toddler to benefit from our programme, our play group is the perfect choice.

Play group - 2 to 4 years.
When children explore and discover, they are actively developing. Toddlers are particularly eager to get to know the world around them. We stimulate their natural curiosity in an exciting and informative environment with challenging activities. Just the thing for your toddler to find out what he or she likes and is good at. Toddlers are given space to try new things, climb and leap and skip and take initiatives. Space to fall and get back up and most of all, to not always colour inside the lines. We love children that do things their own way!

Toddlers spend half-days at the preschool play group during school weeks. There is no play group during school holidays. The available play group half-days vary at each location.

Afterschool care from 4 years.
What do you want to do? A question we regularly ask your child. After all, time outside school is free time: children should decide for themselves what they would like to do. They can choose almost anything they like. We are here for a chat, for making a cup of tea while your child reads a good book, plays a game or does some homework. We also offer plenty of great activities: from graffiti workshops to creative extravaganzas, from cooking to dancing. We encourage your child to discover their talents, with indoor and outdoor activities.

We are here for your child during school holidays and inset days. Holidays wouldn't be holidays without lots of extra fun activities. So please don't let them wear their best clothes and get ready for an avalanche of stories when they come home!

Service products.
At some Korein establishments, you will find additional service products in day care and out-of-school care. These allow us to offer you additional convenience. With regard to the children, the pedagogical added value is the first matter of importance. We offer a hot meal service. The biggest advantage is that rush hour is no longer a stressful time at home. Your child will have a nice, quiet, and responsible dinner with us.

We offer Children's hairdressing service. Every 6 to 8 weeks, a qualified hairdresser, who will give your child a haircut during childcare hours, stops by at Korein. 

We offer swimming lessons to children aged 5 and over during out-of-school care. Supervision is provided by expert swimming instructors from the swimming pool. Our service consists of dropping off and picking up your child. We will also remain present during the swimming lesson.

We offer a a range of activities and workshops after school. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you make use of our daycare services or not! We want children to move, experience, explore their talents and discover the world. Our goal is to support all children, small and large, in their development!

Collaboration with International primary schools.
We work closely together with the primary schools Rise and I-start. SALTO International Schools, where you can be yourself, be international and be Dutch. With this new multilingual primary school concept we believe to have found an inspiring balance between traditional international education and Dutch education. During the childcare services we try to stimulate the Dutch Language as much as possible.


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