Official Partners

Columbus (International Childcare Eindhoven)

Columbus offers professional Dutch day care and out of school care with an international dimension. Columbus has a unique cooperation with International School Eindhoven (ISE). We are situated on their campus and cooperate f.e. in the special foundation groups which prepare children from 3 years and 4 years old for primary education. We offer children an optimal environment to play, learn and explore the world.

Dutch and English language

There is always a pedagogical professional present in the group who speaks Dutch, together with a colleague who speaks English with the children. The children are offered approximately 50% English and 50% Dutch language. We are working towards the children learning to understand and speak both languages well. Of course, the focus can be on either language. In addition, we also use gestures, icons and photos to support and clarify both Dutch and English instructions or concepts. Fixed spaces and a clear daily routine also help us to make children feel safe and at ease, despite the language barrier that often exists.

Priority for admission

Every child can visit Columbus, regardless of the primary school they will attend or language they speak. If parents want their children to go to ISE: children from our day care get priority for admission to the Dutch Primary School of ISE.

International Childcare Eindhoven

Columbus is part of International Childcare Eindhoven, a professional childcare organisation in the South of the Netherlands, which offers childcare to approximately 2000 children every working day of the week.

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Mendy Tonnaer

Oirschotsedijk 14b
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Tel: +31 (0)40 249 0231