Columbus (International Childcare Eindhoven)

Columbus offers professional Dutch day care and out of school care with an international dimension. Columbus has a unique cooperation with International School Eindhoven (ISE). We are situated on their campus and cooperate f.e. in the special foundation groups which prepare children from 3 years and 4 years old for primary education. We offer children an optimal environment to play, learn and explore the world.

Children learn Dutch naturally

Our pedagogical staff always speaks Dutch with the children and stimulates a natural way of learning our language by playing, reading and singing in Dutch for example. Only when it's really necessary things are being explained in English. Even babies and toddlers start to speak Dutch before their parents even can comprehend.

Priority for admission

Every child can visit Columbus, regardless of the primary school they will attend or language they speak. If parents want their children to go to ISE: children from our day care get priority for admission to the Dutch Primary School of ISE.

International Childcare Eindhoven

Columbus is part of International Childcare Eindhoven, a professional childcare organisation in the South of the Netherlands, which offers childcare to approximately 2000 children every working day of the week.

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Oirschotsedijk 14b
5651 GC, Eindhoven
Tel: +31 (0)40 249 0231

Contact Person:

Linda de Wilde