Homie Pay-Per-Use

Homie Pay-Per-Use white goods services
We provide sustainable home appliances through Pay-Per-Use combined with a flexible Contract (6 Months).

Effortless - Sustainable - Pay-Per-Use

Homie’s Pay-Per-Use and full service concept is particularly suitable for Expats. Discover why expats choose Homie

Our goal : preventing waste together with our users, partners and academics.

Modern appliances often break down quickly and are being thrown away as soon as they do. Good, durable appliances are often very expensive and many households still use old, inefficient appliances. With our pay-per-use model you never have to buy an appliance again, whilst we stimulate sustainable and efficient appliance use and encourage manufacturers to develop long-lasting appliances.

How we contribute to circularity

  1. Slowing the loop
    We only offer energy-efficient machines with a long lifespan. We encourage manufacturers to design their appliances to be more economical, durable and easier to repair. By refurbishing and reusing our devices, they last much longer so fewer appliances need to be produced.

  2. Closing the loop
    Together with Wecycle we recycle parts and old Homie and non-Homie appliances that are no longer usable.

  3. Influencing sustainable consumption behavior
    Research shows that our pay-per-use model nudge customers to start washing more efficiently, this way they use up to 25% less energy and water.

  4. Shared use
    Besides the Pay-Per-Use service for individual households, we also focus on the shared use of white goods. In a residential complex you don't need your own washer or dryer. Sharing Homie machines is cheaper and better for the environment because fewer appliances are needed in total.

  5. Social Contribution
    We donate Homie appliances with a still limited appliance life are donated to social services. 


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Email: info@homiegroup.com
Website: www.homiepayperuse.com/en