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In recent years, renting a house in the Netherlands has become considerably more expensive. Internationals in particular are the victims of this. On average internationals pay more for their rental home than Dutch People. We think this is unfair and we are committed to doing something about it

For ten years now, Bumarang has been helping tenants in the private rental market to lower the rent. It is our goal to give tenants what they are entitled to, without hassle.

How does it work?

In the Netherlands, tenants are protected against excessive rents. The government agency that ensures compliance with the rules is called the Rent Tribunal (in Dutch: Huurcommissie). The maximum rent is calculated using a points system. The house receives points based on its characteristics. The number of points equals the maximum rent. If the rent you pay is higher than the rent based on the points system, The Rent Tribunal will lower the rent.

What does Bumarang do?

Bumarang arranges your rent reduction without you having to do anything. We represent you in the procedure at the Rent Tribunal and take care of all communication with the landlord. In addition, we work on a no-cure, no-pay basis so there are no costs unless your rent is reduced.


If you want to find out if you are paying too much rent, please contact us. Our advice is free of charge and without further obligations.

You can also contact Bumarang for other rent related issues such as the annual service costs statement, the refund of the security deposit and rent termination.


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