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Founded in 1977, Packimpex employs over 150 people and has thirteen offices across Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. As one of the market leaders in Europe, the company tailors innovative and sustainable relocation solutions to the needs of international companies and transferees. Packimpex offers a full range of destination services, temporary living services, corporate apartment management, visa and immigration services, and the coordination of household goods moves.

The core businesses of our company are Destination Services (area orientation, home finding, settling-in), Corporate Apartment Management, Furniture Rental as well as the coordination of externally sourced immigration and moving services allowing us to provide a one stop shop to our customers.

Destination Services are focused on supporting families and individuals during the stressful time when they arrive or leave Switzerland and the neighbouring cross-border regions. Typically, the transferees are highly skilled professional people who need the essential daily infrastructure and a happy home life up and running quickly so they can focus on being productive for their employer.

These offerings include securing a property, connecting to utilities, banks, social interests, and relevant support personnel. Schooling is a critical area of focus for those with children, and finally, all elements need to be compliant with country and company policy.

In 2020 we supported over three thousand people with these needs, each with a unique situation that needed a careful, sensitive, and respectful consultative approach.

Corporate Apartment Management is where we assume the responsibility for sourcing, maintaining, and optimizing the housing inventory of our clients. Using our purpose-built platform, we can allocate available options, control and overview costs and occupancy levels whilst utilising our network of established and qualified suppliers for repairs and services. Monitoring occupancy is key to reducing costs and we do this diligently, suggesting increases or reductions in response to business needs.

Furniture Rental can work in conjunction with Corporate Apartment Management for some customers. Here we are able to fully furnish any size of property with everything from towels to coffee machines, and because it is all handled in-house by specialists who professionally set up and connect appliances, all this helps ensure that the transferee enjoys a turn-key experience.

The competences of our professional teams include interior design and furniture sourcing. Our set-up with our own warehouses and crews allow us to accommodate all furnishing needs at very short notice. We can guarantee the furnishing of an apartment with only 24h advance notice.

This service is also helpful for families or individuals who are paying for a property whilst waiting for their goods to arrive from overseas. Renting furniture can reduce costs by shortening stays in furnished accommodation and just as important is that more often than not it increases personal comfort. Another use we have seen is in long-term rental instead of a costly household goods shipment in both directions, which also has a positive environmental benefit. 


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