Hanneke Toonders International Talent Retention

Where to start when your company wants to attract a high skilled (international) professional? We provide (inhouse) E2E services related to attraction, recruitment and retention of high skilled professionals for companies. 

  • We unburden the company and the professional by coordinating the process when attracting and hiring a high skilled migrant.

  • It will be our priority to support the professional and her/his family to settle down, making sure that they are happy in the long run and that the investment which is done by both parties will pay out.

  • We contribute to a sustainable growth in Brainport region. New ideas and innovations are created and developed by people who are skilled, motivated and satisfied employees.

Let's work together to attract and to retain your 'wanted' professionals!


Tel: +31 (0)6 1494 6079
Email: info@talentretenion.nl
Website: www.talentretention.nl