Custom made (in)-company language training
Voorwaartz delivers custom made training in Dutch as a second language (NT2) and corporate language training for companies and (semi) governmental organizations throughout the Netherlands. Both in-company and at our location just 100 meters from the train station in Breda.

Intensive courses
In addition to our custom made programs, we have intensive (60 hours a week) or semi intensive (30 hours a week) language training for employees who want a fast, general Dutch language training. We also offer a lodging arrangement with our neighborly Hotel Apollo as our partner.

Evening courses
Some employers don't get time of work to learn a language. That's why we also have courses scheduled in the evening. We work is small groups (max. 8 students) and have beginners, intermediate and advanced courses.

Why Voorwaartz?
We offer a tailored service delivered by qualified, enthusiastic teachers who are passionate about their work. Voorwaartz helps people who wish to globalize their communications for business reasons. Whatever your language needs, we can help.

We are specialized in custom made training. We talk to the company and the client about the needs, wishes and goals of the training. We visit the company and the client in it's own working environment so we can develop a training that is suiting and improving your business performance.

Example 1
Problem: You are a logistic manager at a big logistic company. You know some Dutch, but not enough to communicate well with your subordinates. You need to give them feedback and sometimes criticism. You don't want to come across as a mean manager, but you do want to make your point. How to make those small distinctions in a foreign language?Voorwaartz: We provide exercises, role-plays and cultural information and other materials so we practice in a working environment that is known and comfortable.

Example 2
Problem: You are an expat and work in the Netherlands for just a certain period of time. All business related communication is in English, or your mother language. But all your colleagues speak Dutch during the break, or when they talk about private things. They make jokes, have fun, and you feel left out.
Voorwaartz: You need to get a basic understanding of Dutch, the Dutch culture and be able to talk about basic, every day life type of things. The well known 'small talk', so to speak.We give a basic training in beginners Dutch. We focus on conversational skills, but also cover listening, reading, writing, pronunciation an grammar. We and talk about culture, idioms, and every day life experiences. You'll be able to understand your colleagues and even get a few laughs out of them!

Example 3
Problem: You work at an international company and they'd like you to improve your Dutch. It's a busy job, so you can't get time of from work.
Voorwaartz: Option 1: You use your Christmas/Spring/Summer break to have a fast and intensive Dutch course.
Option 2: You like more of a spread out course, so you enroll for an evening course.

Find out more about what Voorwaartz can offer you in language training and coaching!


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