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KIT Intercultural Professionals

'Cultures don't meet, people do.'

At KIT Intercultural Professionals we equip organizations, teams, leaders and professionals with the skills and competencies to thrive in this increasingly interconnected and intercultural world.

KIT vision and mission

KIT Intercultural Professionals passionately believes in the value of diversity. Our programmes help individuals and organisations gain the most out of intercultural opportunities.

We are devoted to helping people from different cultural backgrounds approach each other with interest, understanding and respect—adding to their mutual benefit.

We equip international business executives as well as government officials to achieve success in international negotiations, at trade fairs worldwide and in projects or branch offices on overseas locations.

We also provide training for newcomers to allow a smooth integration in the Dutch labour market, as well as training, coaching and consulting services for government agents and employers who work with newcomers.

Added value of KIT

Our expertise and longstanding experience provides clients with programs that proven to be successful. We keep a close check on participants satisfaction of each delivered program and take pride in the scores we receive.

We have a fixed team of expert intercultural trainers. In addition we can draw from our network of 350 Country Experts. This offers a lot of flexibility in planning programs. We are located at a historical location in Amsterdam, but our trainers also travel to all corners of the Netherlands to deliver programs.

The frequency at which we deliver programs enables us to collect actual incidents and examples and continuously update our interventions and exercises. We believe in co-creation and the majority of projects are tailor-made. We apply reliable assessment tools to establish the current level of intercultural readiness of participants. This increases the impact and learning effect of training.



Mauritskade 64
1092 AD, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 56 88 319