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Settels Savenije & Friedrich specialises in training technology professionals in soft skills and leadership: hands on and to the point. We believe you have to understand the world of technology and innovation and how technology professionals learn, to be able to train them effectively.

Settels Savenije & Friedrich is official content partner of: High Tech Institute: Leader in professional education for high tech

High Tech Institute is the leading training partner for the high tech industry  to facilitate growth of individuals, teams or organisations, both in technical width, depth and in soft skills. Trusted by leading high tech companies worldwide. Several of our courses are certified by DSPE & Euspen. 

All our courses are available as open enrollment or as in house editions, which can also be customised. On request, we also develop tailor-made trainings, which are not part of our regular portfolio.

Our training: "Howto be successful in the Dutch high tech work culture" is tuned to fit your needs as an expat. This intensive boot camp will give you all the insight, practical soft skills, and confidence you need to make the most of your career in the Netherlands.

If you're new to Holland, a lot of things may be different from what you're used to in the workplace. For example, Dutch colleagues expect you to always say what you think – even if it means contradicting your boss. And you can expect them to comment on your work, too. Dutch jobs come with a lot of freedom – and a lot of responsibility, right from the start. What's the best way to handle that? And all those seemingly endless meetings – how do you ever get things done? How do you move decisions in the right direction, when it's unclear who's in charge of making them?

All these unfamiliar things can frustrate you and make you feel like you're not performing at your best. Fortunately, many of the skills you need to work effectively and rewardingly in the Netherlands can be learned. And once you've learned them, you may join the ranks of the many professionals who wouldn't want to live without them.


You'll learn the history behind the Netherlands' unique approach to work, and why it's a plus in the technology industry. You'll also practice the concrete day-to-day skills you need to survive – and thrive.

This intensive boot camp covers: 

  • The specifics of the Dutch business culture and how it developed

  • Why the Dutch approach is so successful in the high tech industry, and how it meets the needs of high tech engineers

  • How to speak up in every situation (even when it means contradicting your boss)

  • How to respond professionally to harsh criticism

  • How to handle mistakes and things you don't know

  • What to do about all those endless meetings

  • The major don'ts and other sensitive issues – what you definitely shouldn't do



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