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Eindhoven Doet

Doing volunteer work is a fun way to meet other people.

Being volunteer allows you to actively participate in the community and to become quickly acquainted with Eindhoven and its surroundings. It is the perfect way for entering into contact with the people of this city. Volunteer work is also fun, challenging, educational, and good for your personal development. Volunteer work comes in all sorts and sizes. Volunteer work can consist of thinking or doing, managing or implementing, in difficult or easy projects.

It is possible to do volunteer work for one or more parts of one or more days per week or for a fixed number of hours each month. Whether you wish to do volunteer work on a regular basis or just for once, the choice is yours!

There are an incredible number of activities that genuinely benefit from the contribution of volunteers. In Eindhoven, volunteers are sought, e.g. in the following sectors: 

  • Sector Art and Culture

    • Tour guide for exhibits and assistants for educational activities o Bartenders at a film platform for established and upcoming talent

    • Exhibit assistant and Operator of the film room at a museum

    • Electrician at a theatre company

  • Sector Schools and Education

    • Assistant arts and crafts teacher at a primary school for special education

    • English teacher for advanced 55+ students

    • System manager and web designer for an organization that offers educational support to young people in their free time

    • Lunchtime assistant at the Lunchclub for primary school children

  • Sector Society

    • Campaign participant with a passion for Fair Trade o Host(ess) at the community support organization of a Christian church

    • Treasurer at one of several organizations

    • Event organizer

  • Sector Nature and Environment

    • Strong gardener, male or female, at a local history park

    • Promotion and communication assistants for the City's Nature Office

    • Guest families for sick dogs o Assistant at the animal shelter

  • Sector Sports and Recreation

    • Leader in charge of sports and games at the scouts club

    • Social bartenders during meeting nights for people with a disability

    • Organizer of the Kids Club at a large football club

    • Assistant teacher Thai Boxing

  • Sector Welfare

    • Buddy for people with a physical disability

    • Coach at the Open Learning Centre for refugees

    • Management assistant at an organization protecting the interests of senior citizens organizations

  • Sector Health and Health Services

    • Assistant at the linen service of a retirement home

    • First Aiders for offering better first aid at events

    • Buddy to assist those offering family volunteer aid

If volunteer work is something you would like to do, please contact Eindhoven Doet!



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