Here is an overview of the various forms of transportation that are available in Brabant:

The Dutch public transport system is good, and many people use it every day. The country is small, and with the exception of the major rivers that cross the landscape, has few significant barriers to land transport systems. Trains are run by the national Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NSDutch Railways), and run between all major Dutch cities. There are innercity trains that travel between cities, and sprinters that travel between villages.

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The region has extensive urban bus networks that connect outlying districts and nearby villages with their city centres. Buses in Eindhoven usually run up to four times per hour, and then after 18:30 twice per hour. Buses to and from villages can run less frequent. It is currently not possible to purchase a ticket on the bus. When waiting at a bus stop, you must raise your hand to alert the bus driver to stop! You must also alert the bus driver when you would like to get off of the bus.

The OV-Chipkaart (OV-chip card) is the means of payment for public transport in the Netherlands. The size of a bank card, the card contains an invisible chip, and can be loaded with credit. Make sure that you have scanned your OV-Chipkaart before boarding the train, bus or tram, because this can be checked during your trip! Types of cards:

1. Personal: Like a personal ID card.
2. Anonymous: This card is transferable between persons. However, only one person can use it at a time.
3. Single-Use OV-Chipkaart: Made of stiff paper, these have replaced the old paper-tickets. They can only be used for simple travel products (single, return, or a 1-day pass) and are meant to be thrown away after use.

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Eindhoven Airport is served by several low-budget carriers, and has direct flights to and from a number of European cities, as well as Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, and Russia. For further destinations, you must fly from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport; Düsseldorf, Germany; or Brussels, Belgium. Bus 400 offers a direct bus connection between Eindhoven Airport and Eindhoven Centraal Station.

Taxis can be recognized by the lit ‘taxi’ sign on their roof, and their blue license plates (most Dutch vehicles have yellow plates). They cannot be hailed on the street, but there are taxi stands at most train and bus stations, and by hotels. To have a taxi pick you up from your home or office, phone a local company.

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